Writing a mayoral proclamations

I am making this request as a resident of insert name of city or state and as a member of Unmarried America, a nonprofit and nonpartisan equal-rights organization promoting fairness for unmarried workers, consumers, and taxpayers -- and greater recognition of unmarried voters. According to the most recent figures from the Census Bureau, nearly half of the households in the United States are now headed by unmarried adults.

Writing a mayoral proclamations

Actions announced by Mayor Murray include an Immigration training for City employees, including Seattle police officers who have regular interactions with residents, as well as a regional convening on immigration that is scheduled for later this spring.

And we are taking these bold actions today because we believe we have the constitution and the rule of law on our side.


Our immigration system is broken for everyone — those working in our hotels, doing our farm work, as well as those working in high-tech industries.

Here in Seattle, we recognize that immigrants help to make our local economy stronger, and we know this applies to our national economy as well.

City Council adopts the FY Budget. On June 11, , Charlotte City Council voted to adopt the $ billion FY budget. The budget enhances community safety, strengthens neighborhoods, recognizes the city's workforce and positions the city to be a leader in economic opportunity – all while capitalizing on opportunities for improved efficiencies and service delivery. On behalf of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association and all who suffer with fibromyalgia, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for recognizing May 12, 20__ as Fibromyalgia Awareness Day in CITY, STATE. Without the support and recognition of elected officials, the. Since our doors opened in spring of , Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery has strived to help families transition through crisis. Today, we’re happy to be recognized by the City of Minneapolis and celebrate Mayor Jacob Frey’s proclamation: May 1, is Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Day in the City of .

In cities large and small, mayors are launching a Day of Immigration Action, with the goal of bringing together faith leaders, residents, stakeholders and community-based organizations for a variety of events that support immigrants, share with them important information about rights and available resources, and underscore their value to both the national and local economies.

On the call, Mayor Murray highlighted several of the actions taken by the City of Seattle in support of immigrants and immigration reform, including: Mayor Murray attended the workshop which was broadcast live and recorded for later viewing; Signing onto the U.Proclamations – a formal public statement, a proclamation can be requested for the mayor to issue a statement or designate a period of time to draw awareness to specific public policy, historical event or figure.

Retirement Greeting – available for 20 years of service or longer.


Marty Hayes, Brownville, NE – Mayor Hayes joined the Mayors for Mentoring campaign in , issuing a proclamation in support of National Mentoring Month. Marlene Johnson, West Point, NE – Mayor Johnson issued a proclamation for TeamMates of West Point-Beemer-Bancroft during National Mentoring Month Here are the most common steps to request a proclamation from the governor or mayor; however, some states and cities may vary regarding proclamation procedures.

Begin the process in December and start by locating the appropriate state or city government website. Contact the office of Governor Kay Ivey, Alabama's 54th Governor. REQUEST A PROCLAMATION. All requests for proclamations must be submitted in writing at least three weeks prior to the date needed.

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A Mayoral letter is an alternative acknowledgment for occasions that do mee the proclamation criteria. See Request for Mayoral letters.

writing a mayoral proclamations

HOW TO OBTAIN A MAYORAL OR GUBERNATORIAL PROCLAMATION • Send an email requesting a proclamation. Contact the mayor's or governor's • If a proclamation is granted, arrange with the press secretary or assistant to photograph the presentation of the proclamation. Invite your local newspaper.

• Write a letter thanking the mayor or.

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