Talk for writing actions tesla

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Talk for writing actions tesla

While waiting for parts to be ordered, the car was parked by a Tesla technician in an outdoor loading dock space that was angled 35 degrees below the ground level, with the front load of the car well below service lot level.

The drainage system where the car was parked was not properly maintained and was clogged with live vegetation and impacted soil. After a weekend of rains, water accumulated in this sub-basin area of the service lot and failed to drain and, as a result, my Tesla entire front end was submerged underwater until the Tesla dealership opened the following Monday.

The car has been deemed a total loss. Tesla told me to call my insurance company! What I find important to share is that while I have suffered a total loss of my vehicle at the hands of Tesla, not a single Manager ever reached out to me as a gesture of good customer service.

My numerous calls to Management were never returned.

talk for writing actions tesla

Rather than call me to talk to me about this, Tesla referred this to their Legal Department. No one has responded to me.

By building a communication wall, they are apparently giving me no other choice than to sue them in court, which I do NOT want to do! This is an unfair practice to force me into litigation. Does your insurance cover the car in this case?

Tesla should cover your deductible and expenses - and possibly try to recover from whoever is responsible for maintaining the drains in the area.

Zero customer support, no emails or phone calls before it went to legal. We had no choice but to escalate. Nexxus June 26, bonnie, I fail to see why your insurance company should handle this. It was at a Tesla SC, their lot, their insurance. Should be as simple as that. They need to cover you for your loss.

I know that the Seattle SC would never react that way, and would have been more sympathetic to what happened, as it was obviously their negligence that caused the damage to her car.

In my close to 6 years of Tesla ownership with three cars to date, I have only received exemplary service and customer care at the Seattle SC. It sounds like these people should have been let go.

Hopefully Bonnie you can escalate this from your account page. June 26, "I fail to see why your insurance company should handle this.

Her insurance company will then go to Tesla to pay for the loss. The insurance company will put up a much stronger fight than the OP can do with her own lawyer. Companies usually send issues to legal only when a consumer has threatened or mentioned the possibility of taking legal action - and once that has been raised by the consumer, the company has to refer all subsequent interactions to the legal department.

Clearly Tesla could have handled this situation better. Cars should not be parked in locations where they would be at risk of damage. If a Tesla is damaged by a Service Center, this should be viewed as a major exception - and escalated to local, regional or corporate management to handle the response to the customer.

Having a total loss on a vehicle at a Service Center is not something a "service advisor" should be handling I am very grateful for your informed insights.

After more than 4 weeks of an unresponsive management, I did copy a friend who is an attorney on a letter I wrote to the Regional, District and Marketing Managers.

This is certainly not a justification for Tesla management to refuse me a response. This letter was not threatening at all, and was clear that I wanted to work out an equitable result as between consumer me and Tesla.

Helping me reach the right result is what managers do, not lawyers. But the Managers at Dania Beach and in the Florida region never gave me that consumer respect.

I guess they are waiting for me to file a lawsuit before they make a move and THAT — I believe — is the worst customer service that can be found anywhere in the car market, and far below the higher standards I would expect in the luxury car market industry.

Who am I supposed to talk to now? No one from Tesla will respond or take my call.Sep 07,  · Rather than call me to talk to me about this, Tesla referred this to their Legal Department. They completely disregarded that I am a CONSUMER and deserve answers.

talk for writing actions tesla

the customer service and management dissipates when Tesla has to be accountable for its actions. Do they think I will “forget” that I’ve lost $85, because . Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership -- starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.

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