Pyschlogical analysis of zombie apocalypse survivors

This makes some sense in stories where the zombies are manipulated by some force intent on attacking humanity, or where they need fresh human meat to survive, but it occurs even in films like 28 Days Later where The Virus is just supposed to make the infected vastly more angry and homicidal than before. Why they never turn on their own is rarely, if ever, addressed, although sometimes they can be seen fighting for food, but this never goes beyond pushing each other out of the way. This can be subverted if ordinary humans can avoid being attacked by pretending to be zombies. Any truly large-scale zombie apocalypse is likely to demand a heavy degree of Hollywood Tactics or handling of the Idiot Ball by the military.

Pyschlogical analysis of zombie apocalypse survivors

And as the series progresses Season 5 concluded this past Marchit becomes evident that the most dangerous threat to Rick and his group might not be walkers at all, but rather fellow survivors such as themselves. Based on a comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is not only wildly popular, averaging It took me a week to work up enough courage to finally watch the Season 5 finale.

Pyschlogical analysis of zombie apocalypse survivors

Data Collection For every character that has appeared so far in the series a total of 67 episodesI compiled the following information from The Walking Dead Wiki: Character Name Status i.

Events and characters depicted in comics, video games, and webisodes are thereby excluded from this analysis. Who is alive and who is dead No Spoilers? From the beginning of Season 1 to the end of Season 5, there have been a total of characters on The Walking Dead excluding non-human animals, such as horses and dogs, as well as artificial forms of intelligence, such as the computer in charge of operating the Center for Disease Control building in Season 1.

Pyschlogical analysis of zombie apocalypse survivors

Moreover, of the characters have been Caucasian-American, 30 have been African-American, 17 have been Hispanic-American, 3 have been Asian-American, 4 have been Caucasian-Irish, 1 has been Italian-American, and 1 has been Indian-American see Figure 1 for percentages.

Figure 2 below shows the distribution of survival times for the characters who eventually met their demise sometime during the first five seasons of the series. The x axis shows the number of episodes through which a character could have potentially lived, and the y axis shows the percentage of characters who died during each interval of time e.

As you can see in Figure 2, most characters who die on The Walking Dead do so very soon after their initial appearance on the show. Estimated Survival Function for all characters on The Walking Dead, showing probability of survival beyond x number of episodes since initial appearance on the show.

The confidence band does not exceed 51 episodes because this is the longest stretch of time survived by a character who ultimately died.

Probability of a character surviving up to a given number of episodes after their initial appearance on screen; Derived from the estimated survival function shown in Figure 3.

The probability of a character surviving up to 5 episodes is essentially a coin toss, at Who is most at risk of dying?

Ground zero

Female Characters Figure 4 shows the estimated survival functions for male and female characters. Even though there have been many more male than female characters featured on the show male vs.

To the extent that the two groups do in fact differ, male characters have a slightly worse survival outcome than female characters.

As a point of comparison, the probability of a female character surviving up to one episode is Estimated survival functions for white characters and characters of various other races and ethnicities from The Walking Dead. Compared to the difference in survival outcome between male and female characters, the difference between white characters and characters of other races is fairly large.

As you can see in the figure above, white characters are much more likely to die than other characters. Consider a couple points of comparison. The probability of a white character surviving up to one episode is Furthermore, the probability of a white character surviving up to 20 episodes is a mere As with the previous analysis of gender, we can again apply Bayes Theorem to estimate the overall probability of death given that a character is white or another race.

Doing so reveals that the probability of death given that a character is white is So when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse, male characters are worse off than female characters and white characters are worse off than characters of other races. And as you might expect, this means that white male characters are most likely to die, whereas non-white female characters are least likely to die.

Applying Bayes Theorem one final time reveals the following about how each group of characters generally fares:A survivor "Survivors" is the common name for the living in a zombie those people survive range differently from person to person.

Most will probably work in groups, but that is no rule. Some may choose to stay in one place, defend and fortify their location, and farm. A typical example of such an essay can be entitled zombie apocalypse.

Teaching students to survive a zombie apocalypse with psychology

This article attempts to deconstruct a typical creative essay using the aforementioned title as an example to show the best approach and style to nail such an essay. ENDORSEMENTS “Great strategies to outlast the zombies (who are coming), and apply ancient truths to obstacles we continue to face everyday.” —Ralph Winter, Hollywood Producer (X-Men, Planet of the Apes, Lost, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and dozens more) “The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers is awesome!

Some even asked for more zombies.

Surviving education. Gamification is clearly well-suited to teaching behavioural psychology as it demonstrates directly some of the concepts students are learning. In The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks points out that since zombies can't feel pain a burning zombie will simply keep moving around (and setting other stuff on fire) until they become immobile.

Zombies are compelled to eat the flesh of the living.

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The "Russo Rules" are similar, but include several specific differences: Zombiism is The Virus. Zombiism results only from being bitten by another zombie, . Nov 19,  · In this video I will talk about types of people and role that people will take on in a zombie apocalypse!

Pyschlogical Analysis of Zombie Apocalypse Survivors The door slams shut as you force your weight against it. Two people whom you have never met before, merely joined during your sprint, grab the largest object in the room and wedge it in front of the door. Ride out the apocalypse, lead survivors, and rebuild civilization with with undead-resistant majors. The 25 Best Majors for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. By Wayne J. Downs and David A. Tomar. typically performed by a number of agencies from community outreach and social work to public administration and policy analysis. Pyschlogical Analysis of Zombie Apocalypse Survivors. Topics: Group dynamics I Commander of the Fireflies, society of survivors, are here to help you survive this worldwide epidemic. In order to survive the Zombie Apocalypse the most vital tools are water and food acquisition, defense tactics and the establishment of distinct roles. .