Profanity in academic writing

Academic writing must not be filled with what that older fellow in your life would have called "shit". Academic writing must be clear, concise and to the point.

Profanity in academic writing

Bunyan's date of birth is not known, but he was baptised on 30 Novemberthe baptismal entry in the parish register reading "John the sonne of Thomas Bunnion Jun. In the summer of Bunyan lost both his mother and his sister Margaret. There are few details available about his military service, which took place during the first stage of the English Civil War.

A muster roll for the garrison of Newport Pagnell shows him as private "John Bunnian". When I was a Souldier, I, with others, were drawn out to go to such a place to besiege it; But when I was just ready to go, one of the company desired to go in my room, to which, when I had consented, he took my place; and coming to the siege, as he stood Sentinel, he was shot into the head with a Musket bullet and died.

Marriage and conversion[ edit ] Within two years of leaving the army, Bunyan married. The name of his wife and the exact date of his marriage are not known, but Bunyan did recall that his wife, a pious young woman, brought with her into the marriage two books that she had inherited from her father: He also recalled that, apart from these two books, the newly-weds possessed little: They would have three more children, Elizabeth, Thomas and John.

By his own account, Bunyan had as a youth enjoyed bell-ringing, dancing and playing games including on Sunday, which was forbidden by the Puritanswho held a particularly high view of Sunday, called the Lord's Day. One Sunday the vicar of Elstow preached a sermon against Sabbath breaking, and Bunyan took this sermon to heart.

That afternoon, as he was playing tip-cat a game in which a small piece of wood is hit with a bat on Elstow village greenhe heard a voice from the heavens "Wilt thou leave thy sins, and go to Heaven?

Or have thy sins, and go to Hell? The women profanity in academic writing in fact some of the founding members of the Bedford Free Church or Meeting and Bunyan, who had been attending the parish church of Elstow, was so impressed by their talk that he joined their church.

A year later he married an eighteen-year-old woman named Elizabeth. The members of the Bedford Meeting were no longer able to meet in St John's church, which they had been sharing with the Anglican congregation.

Deciding not to make an escape, he was arrested and brought before the local magistrate Sir Francis Wingate, at Harlington House. The Act of Uniformitywhich made it compulsory for preachers to be ordained by an Anglican bishop and for the revised Book of Common Prayer to be used in church services, was still two years away, and the Act of Conventicleswhich made it illegal to hold religious meetings of five or more people outside the Church of England was not passed until Bunyan was arrested under the Conventicle Act ofwhich made it an offence to attend a religious gathering other than at the parish church with more than five people outside their family.

The offence was punishable by 3 months imprisonment followed by banishment or execution if the person then failed to promise not to re-offend. The Act had been little used, and Bunyan's arrest was probably due in part to concerns that non-conformist religious meetings were being held as a cover for people plotting against the king although this was not the case with Bunyan's meetings.

Elizabeth, who made strenuous attempts to obtain his release, had been pregnant when her husband was arrested and she subsequently gave birth prematurely to a still-born child. But Bunyan remained resolute: There were however occasions when he was allowed out of prison, depending on the gaolers and the mood of the authorities at the time, and he was able to attend the Bedford Meeting and even preach.

His daughter Sarah was born during his imprisonment the other child of his second marriage, Joseph, was born after his release in He also had at times the company of other preachers who had been imprisoned.

It was in Bedford Gaol that he wrote Grace Abounding and started work on The Pilgrim's Progress, as well as penning several tracts that may have brought him a little money.

Thousands of nonconformists were released from prison, amongst them Bunyan and five of his fellow inmates of Bedford Gaol.

Bunyan was freed in May and immediately obtained a licence to preach under the declaration of indulgence. Instead he devoted his time to writing and preaching. His preaching also took him to London, where Lord Mayor Sir John Shorter became a friend and presented him with a silver-mounted walking stick.

Firstly he became embroiled in a scandal concerning a young woman called Agnes Beaumont. When going to preach in Gamlingay in he allowed Beaumont, a member of the Bedford Meeting, to ride pillion on his horse, much to the anger of her father, who then died suddenly.

His daughter was initially suspected of poisoning him, though the coroner found he had died of natural causes. Continuing to London to the house of his friend, grocer John Strudwick of Snow Hill in the City of London, he was caught in a storm and fell ill with a fever.

He died in Strudwick's house on the morning of 31 August and was buried in the tomb belonging to Strudwick in Bunhill Fields nonconformist burial ground in London. His widow Elizabeth died in Betweenwhen he published his first work, Some Gospel Truths Opened a tract against the Quakersand his death inBunyan published 42 titles.

A further two works, including his Last Sermon, were published the following year by George Larkin. In Southwark comb-maker Charles Doe, who was a friend of Bunyan's later years, brought out, with the collaboration of Bunyan's widow, a collection of the author's works, including 12 previously unpublished titles, mostly sermons.California Education Code (EC) Section requires the State Board of Education to approve standards for English language development (ELD) for pupils whose primary language is a language other than English.

These standards shall be comparable in rigor and specificity to the standards for English language arts, mathematics, and science. In Nevada adopted the Common Core State Standards now known as the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Learn More! Swearing, Euphemisms and Writing Something That Actually Sounds Like You.

At the end of my Copyblogger post a week or two ago, I used the Copy Hackers tagline in my byline: Where startups & marketers learn to convert like mofos. Books have been written on the subject of profanity.

'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown's code for thriller novel success -

How to handle swear words in quote / transcription? up vote 37 down vote favorite. 2. In my research, I interview practitioners/real users. If a non-adult were to be reading (or writing) no-one should get the impression that your academic writing style involves liberal use of swearwords.

How to Use Expletives Effectively in Your Writing. Swearing in Academic Writing.

there is no reason for the use of profanity in your academic writing. I know—school is boring. Swearing in Personal Correspondence.

profanity in academic writing

How you talk to your friends is your business, but keep this in mind: something that is intended as light-hearted or. Zone’in Fact Sheet. A research review regarding the impact of technology on child development, behavior, and academic performance.

Infants watch hours per day of TV, children use and teens 9 hours per day of entertainment technologies (cell phone, TV, internet).

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