Overreaching land law essay

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Overreaching land law essay

This is a deeply fascinating subject where the difference between a disengaged casual observation of the world and an awakened and alert experience of the world represent two phenomenally different standpoints. This can be somewhat of a steep learning or 'awareness' curve.

One of the more obvious and classic examples of occult symbolism in a corporate logo would be the Alfa Romeo example. After twenty years of being exposed to this logo it was a pivotal personal experience to actually see what it depicted and the associated implications.

This is - as with all of the material on this site - material that you can and should research further for yourself. Once your eyes have been opened to this phenomena of hidden meaning, you may start to see what is hidden in plain sight virtually everywhere in our world.

One may ask why would these multinational companies be so obsessive about incorporating such symbolism in their corporate identities? With an understanding of ancient symbolism and the energeic properties of geometric shapes this becomes quite obvious.

On an energetic level, all shapes and symbols have an energetic signature. The three dimensional four sided pyramid as used in the great pyramid of Giza is an excellent example. The geometric properties of the pyramid trapezoid are able to collect and focus 'subtle' energy within the geometry.

For similar reasons, this is why inverted pentagrams are used in satanic rituals as the energy signature of the inverted pentagram is in tune with the frequency of such rituals and their purposes.

Looking at the various versions of the Auckland City logos over the years, there are many occult and Freemasonic symbols which make themselves apparent.

In the examples below you will see the original versions of the Auckland City logos, followed by illustrative versions which attempt to depict the design influences and components in play.

This logo version was used until latealthough the five 'tiles' were dropped later into its life. These black and white tile patterns are perhaps the most obvious signal to those who know what to look for, that there is a Freemasonic presence. While the tiles in this version of the logo are actually all the same colour, an inference may still be noted, especially when combined with another classic symbol; One of the most common symbols used in Freemasory is the compass crossed with a square.

Masonic authors boldly state that the symbolism of the traditional square and compass of Freemasonry represents the heterosexual sex act. Listen to Albert Pike explaining this fact to members of the 32nd Degree.

The black and white pavement symbolizes "the Good and Evil, principles of the Egyptian and Persian creed. It is the warfare of Michael and Satan This version shows sails on the water as in Auckland being the "City of Sails" along with the year old volcanic Rangitoto island in the background.

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Overreaching land law essay

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