My school principal

Press Room I feel I'm being harassed by my principal.

My school principal

All it takes is the right time, the right place, and a little forethought. They also wrote persuasive essays about it. The class did research, interviewing gardening experts via Skype. Sebastian also got estimates on water and electricity costs from the district. The key, says Sebastian, was not to push too hard, but also not to give up.

The challenge is how to set yourself up for a yes. That My school principal can result in missed opportunities. Instead, get to know your principal and strategize. Find the right time and place. Principals often say they like teachers who are prepared and have anticipated their concerns when they pitch an idea.

Also, teachers should keep in mind how their proposal fits into the vision of the school, suggests Hawkins.

Turning Vision into Reality

If the bottom line is test scores or enrollment, be prepared to explain how your idea helps. Be smart about your approach and you just may find that your principal is eager to embrace it. Your only regret may be not having asked earlier. Timing Is Everything Figure out when your principal will be most receptive.

Send an e-mail and set up a time to talk.

My school principal

Szachowicz, principal of Brockton High School in Massachusetts, is open to new ideas, such as when a teacher recently asked to set up a Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership with a nearby elementary school. She had lots of questions about liability and who would walk with the kids from one school to the other.

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Teachers need to anticipate such questions, says Szachowicz. What would I worry about? Get to know the secretary—otherwise known as the gatekeeper—and ask for advice, says Hawkins. Early this year, teachers approached Barron with an alternative way to handle bus duty.

At Smokey Road, teachers were assigned occasional weeklong rotations of 15 minutes of bus duty after school. Barron agreed to the new plan; it was adopted the second week of school. Jill Flanders entertains ideas from her staff at recess and lunchtime at Plains Elementary School in Southampton, Massachusetts.

She says that with Terry, there never seems to be a bad time. Once, she suggested letting students use their cell phones to respond to questions in class. When Jillian Andrew put together a request for technology and materials for her remedial math class, she had all her paperwork in order.

She submitted the forms to the Title 1 coordinator and to Principal Barron, who approved them almost immediately.

Essay on the school principal

Believe in Yourself Nichola Blink, an opera singer turned music teacher, wanted to grow her part-time position at Toppenish High into a full-time gig. Blink started with 12 students in the choir. She had 85 by the end of the first year and by the end of the second.

As the program grew, Blink asked for additional equipment and support, using a three-tiered approach. She placed essentials, such as tuning the piano, in the top tier. Second-tier items would make the program as successful as others in the area, and the third tier would make it world class.22 Things Your Kid’s Principal Is Secretly Thinking.

What I won’t tell you is that I encouraged my own daughter to pull her kids out of school to visit me during my break. The best school principal I ever knew led my high school. Even though the school had more than 1, students, any student who did anything to distinguish himself or herself, or the school, received a handwritten note of commendation from him.

Back to School: I was a troublemaker in third grade, then the principal did this on my sixth visit. my daughter is a teacher.

in a meeting with the parents of her student, the vice principal, and two other teachers, she was accused of being a racist, unintelligent, and emotionally unstable. the pare . The school principal as an instructional leader; should pioneer the success of school, should make the quality of teaching as the foremost priority of the school and should materialize the vision of the school (Ozdemir and Sezgin ).

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My school principal
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