Microbiz easy business plans

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Microbiz easy business plans

A disaster plan and adequate insurance are keys to recovery. No matter how small or large a business, a business impact analysis should be developed to identify what an operation must do to protect itself in the face of a natural disaster.

microbiz easy business plans

Large corporations often hire risk managers to handle this task and some companies hire consultants with expertise in disaster planning and recovery to assist them with their plans. But small businesses can do the analysis and planning on their own.

Key elements of a business recovery plan Set up an emergency response plan and train employees how to carry it out. Make sure employees know whom to notify about the disaster and what measures to take to preserve life and limit property losses. Write out each step of the plan and assign responsibilities to employees in clear and simple language.

Practice the procedures set out in the emergency response plan with regular, scheduled drills. Compile a list of important phone numbers and addresses.

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Make sure you can get in touch with key people after the disaster. The list should include local and state emergency management agencies, major clients, contractors, suppliers, realtors, financial institutions, insurance agents and insurance company claim representatives.

Decide on a communications strategy to prevent loss of customers. Post notices outside your premises; contact clients by phone, email or regular mail; place a notice in local newspapers. Consider the things you may need initially during the emergency.

Do you need a back-up source of power? Do you have a back-up communications system? Protect employees and customers from injury on the premises.

Make sure your plans conform to local building code requirements. Even if your business escapes a disaster, there is still a risk that it could suffer significant losses due to the inability of suppliers to deliver goods or services or a reduction in customers.

Businesses should communicate with their suppliers and markets especially if they are selling to a business as a supplier about their disaster preparedness and recovery plans, so that everyone is prepared.

If you own the structure that houses your business, integrate disaster protection for the building as well as the contents into your plan. Consider the financial impact if your business shuts down as a result of a disaster.

What would be the impact for a day, a week or an entire revenue period? Back-up computerized data files regularly and store them off-premises. Identify critical business activities and the resources needed to support them. If you cannot afford to shut down your operations, even temporarily, determine what you require to run the business at another location.

Find alternative facilities, equipment and supplies, and locate qualified contractors. Consider a reciprocity agreement with another business. Try to get an advance commitment from at least one contractor to respond to your needs. Protect computer systems and data.

Data storage firms offer offsite backups of computer data that can be updated regularly via high-speed modem or through the Internet.Our (k) plans are designed to be the low-cost retirement solution for small businesses. ShareBuilder k provides an online experience that delivers comprehensive retirement plans.

Whether you're looking for a Roth (k), solo (k), or safe harbor (k), we're here to help you save for the retirement you envision. A one page business plan document like this is a valuable tool to develop clarity, it is not a replacement for a full business plan if needed for external parties (fund raising, etc).

Line any effective plan, a one page business plan should be a living document, and revisited regularly – weekly/ monthly!. Microbiz is located in Menlo Park, California.

This organization primarily operates in the Computer Software Development business / industry within the Business Services sector.

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This organization has been operating for approximately 6 years. Business plans don't need to be complicated. There are lots and lots of business plan templates that you can download off the internet and most of them are long and complicated to fill in, making it very easy to get discouraged.

The business plans, depending on the business type and state, average 50+ pages to cover every and all aspect of the business. The contents of each business plan includes: Also included are instructions for exporting all financial data into graphs to insert into your business plan for easy .

Business Plan Template - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Here is a free Easy to Use Business Plan Template.

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