Mbf524 blackberry assignment

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Mbf524 blackberry assignment

Each approach has its own benefits and disadvantages therefore it is needed to be aware of the methods used to collect information. Blackberry changes Mbf524 blackberry assignment lateBlackberry fell into severe crisis that put itself up for sale. At that time, Blackberry was losing its customers, employees, share value, cash and revenue.

This originated from the failure of new operating system called Blackberry 10, changes in Blackberry design in which 5 function keys was discarded and changes in strategies of former CEO Thorsten Heins who cut 40 percent company workforce. At first, for the app store, company made a deal with Amazon to bring its app store to Blackberry devices.

Thus Blackberry users can access more thannew apps without doing much work.

Candidate bans

For the hardware, company had a contract with Foxconn manufacturing to build entry level Blackberry phone so that company can concentrate on build higher end devices. On the other word, this help to reduce inventory risk of Blackberry.

Moreover, company change product design by bringing back 5 function keys and provide more accurate typing experience with physical keyboard instead of touch screen. In addition, cost controlling is made one of top priorities of company in order to save cost.

Moreover, instead of just focus on individual customer, company returned to its origin market for business in which it already had reputation.

Mbf524 blackberry assignment

In this stage, people who suffer damage cannot accept the loss has taken place. The feeling is experiencing a bad dream, the loss is out of the Mbf524 blackberry assignment world and they are waiting for waking up to get rid of the dream.

After people passed denial stage, they accepted occurrence of the loss, feel anger with themselves or with others and unfairness of it. This stage involves the hope that people can undo the loss or avoid the cause of loss. There also usually includes promises for better behaviors or life along with the hope to reverse the loss.

This stage varies according to the person's situation. In case of Blackberry, when new CEO apply his change, some employees and stakeholders may disagree with the change and go through five stages of grief of Kubler Ross model.

At the first time, they deny the changes because company returned to its roots product which they leaved for a long time. Additionally, changing in product design and having partnership with Foxconn rise many disagreement among employees because they had spent much time on designing product.

They doubt about the possibility of the changes. In the next stage, employee feel angry because what they did during the past have been changed. The following is that people think about opportunity for them to design the product more complete without the change.

They seek to negotiate for change, however it is not going to change the decision. Thus employee fell into depression stage.

Finally, they accept the change and try to follow the change. For Blackberry situation, I choose three methods for further analysis.

The first method is to use education and communication. Having partnership with Foxconn, company can focus its workforce to build high end devices. For employees who do not meet the requirement for designing or assemble such devices, company will offer them training course so that they can continue to work for Blackberry.

The next is to build support and commitment. The previous product of Blackberry was designed with touch green and brand-new new operating system OS. When John Chen decide to change product design, he gave them time to design, build new product and fix the OS.

In addition, it is ensured that Blackberry will not cut off job when signing contract with Foxconn. Finally is to select who accept to change. For those who are willing to change, they can continue to work whereas who is not ready for change they will be fire.

Mbf524 blackberry assignment

Due to the fact that company is in situation of severe crisis and put itself up for sale. Therefore changing is necessary for Blackberry to recover its position in market, this is also reason why CEO John Chen who had experience on recovering fail company is employed to run the business overcome the hard time.

However, customers flavors also impact the company change especially in product design and product experience. Employees concern about how much and how often they paid by company, therefore Blackberry change which is related to company economy health is very important to employee. In addition, shareholders and owner concern about company performance and revenue.

The higher performance company have, the more profit they can get. Manager pay more attention to company activities, strategy… Their decisions are very important to Blackberry operations. Thus the change of Blackberry has important implication to them.BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian telecommunication company that specializes in smartphones and wireless equipment.

MBF Blackberry Assignment Question 1 With reference to the case study, it is noted that various countries were involved in the Blackberry controversy. A new and distinct variety of blackberry plant which exhibits erect thorny growth, is vigorous and hardy in cold climates.

The plant produces fruits which are shiny black, medium sized, slightly acidic and flavorful. Reactions, behavior, resistance and responses to change in Blackberry. 7 Make justified recommendations for implementing change in a selected work group. Blackboard FAQ.


I logged into Blackboard, but can’t see my course! How do I submit an assignment, homework, etc. through Blackboard? Yes, Blackboard does have a mobile app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. The app is designed to be used as a quick way to stay connected to your online course.

Do not use it to take a test. MBF Blackberry Assignment Question 1 With reference to the case study, Blackberry Winter Robert Penn Warren's "Blackberry Winter" is the story of one young boy's sudden and painfully realistic venture from behind the blissful cloak of childhood innocence into the more brutal reality of the world.

Warren captures this transition. re: BlackBerry's Collapse: 5 Key Mistakes I also loved the BlackBerry keyboard--but it couldn't compensate for the terrible Web experience on that device.

The iPhone's touchscreen keyboard is still inferior (though usable), but its Web experience is so far superior to the BlackBerry's.

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