Low energy nuclear reactor essay

Lester A variety of timely forces are inspiring a renewed push for nuclear energy.

Low energy nuclear reactor essay

What is it and what does it mean to science and society? In addition, it is important because it reveals the existence of a new way nuclei can interact that conventional scientific theory predicts is impossible.

What then is this phenomenon that suffers such promise and rejection? Energy can be obtained from the nucleus in two different ways. On the one hand, a large nucleus can be broken into smaller pieces, such as is experienced by uranium in a conventional nuclear reactor and by the material in an atom bomb.

This is called fission. On the other hand, two very small nuclei can be joined together, such as occurs during fusion of deuterium and tritium in a Hot Fusion reactor and in a hydrogen bomb.

This process, called fusion, also takes place in stars to produce much of the light we see. The fission reaction is caused to happen by adding neutrons to the nucleus of uranium or plutonium to make it unstable.

The unstable nucleus splits into two nearly equal pieces, thereby releasing more neutrons, which continue the process. As every one now knows, this process produces considerable waste that is highly radioactive.

Low energy nuclear reactor essay

As a result, this source of energy is not ideal, although widely used at the present time. The normal hot fusion reaction requires two deuterium or tritium nuclei to be smashed together with great energy.

This is accomplished by raising their temperature. However, this temperature is so high that the reactants cannot be held in a solid container, but must be retained by a magnetic field.

This process has proven to be very difficult to accomplish for a time sufficient to generate useable energy. In spite of this difficulty, attempts have been under way for the last 40 years and with the expenditure of many billions of dollars.

Success continues to be elusive while the effort continues.

Cold fusion, on the other hand, attempts to cause the same process, but by using solid materials as the container held at normal temperatures.

The container consists of various metals, including palladium, with which the deuterium is reacted to form a chemical compound. While in this environment, the barrier between the deuterium nuclei is reduced so that two nuclei can fuse without having to be forced together.

Because the process causing this to happen is not well understood, the possibility is rejected by many conventional scientists.

Difficulty in producing the process on command has intensified the rejection. While this difficulty is real, it has not, as many skeptics have claimed, prevented the process from being reproduced hundreds of times in laboratories all over the world for the past 13 years.

What is the nature of this process and why has it been so hard to understand? To answer this question, a person needs to understand the nature of the barrier that exists between all nuclei.nor any excess energy of a Nickel plane with gamma radiation but no neutron radiation after very light hydrogen loading.

• June – Dr. Piantelli along with E. Campari, S. Focardi, V. Nov 28,  · Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Papers and Patents On 12 November , China and the U.S. reached a historic agreement to limit greenhouse gases.

Other nations will hopefully follow suit. Cold fusion, or low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), is potentially an inexhaustible source of clean energy. But it's a big idea with a bad name. Weaponization of nuclear energy continued with the development of the thermonuclear hydrogen bomb, which is triggered by a nuclear fission reaction, and releases a huge amount of energy from fusion.

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