Hmpyc80 research methodology

This discussion is an overview of the components, processes and the strengths and weaknesses of this method.

Multiple regression analysis Observation One-way analysis of variance On-line resource material Paradigms Portfolio Positivism Project planning and management Qualitative analysis Quantitative data analysis Regression analysis Relationship between variables Reporting research Oral presentation Reporting research Scientific journal article Research: What is it?

This tutorial letter is a resource. It is, in fact, a collection of resources. Each of these resources is a text about a particular theme.

Each resource has a title that briefly indicates what the resource is about.

Hmpyc80 research methodology

How do I find the correct resource in this tutorial letter? The resources are organised alphabetically. Thus one uses Tutorial Letter as one would use a dictionary. For example, if you need information on Interviews you would look under I. How do the resources link with each other? The resources are separate themes.

However, in some cases one resource may refer to another resource. This means you can learn more about hypothesis testing in a resource called: Hypothesis testing.

When do I use these resources? The learning activities in Tutorial Letters and have references to these resources. Each learning activity has a resource section. The resource sections contain the references to the resources in question. Thus you use a resource when you need the information in question for a particular learning activity.

Subscribe to view the full document. Phenomenology, for instance, involves trying to understand a person's life-world from their own perspective.

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As Dreyer Kruger a leading South African phenomenologist puts it: "It is necessary to give up manipulation of the phenomenon in favour of allowing this to show itself by an intimate communion with it"p.

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Hmpyc80 research methodology

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