Cookie mining lab

Most people were able to get a good amount of ore out of the cookie. This was due to technique, the different type of cookie my class had two choicesand grade of the ore. Mine had lots of cookie crumble in it, making the weights more equal, where as student two had less cookie crumble in her ore. I put water on half of the cookie, and I felt as if that made it harder.

Cookie mining lab

D Throw away your first cookie after you finish. For Cookie 2, use your paper clip to carefully dig out each chip.

Try not to break off any of the cookie surrounding the chips. When everyone is ready, a timer will be set for 2 minutes. When the timer sounds, put down your paper clip. Record your results in the second row of the table, just like you did with the first cookie.

Throw away your cookie. Clean up your desk or table by throwing away the newspaper and cookie. Put the paper clip back in the box.

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For Cookie 1, take box A in the table and subtract box B from it. Which cookie had higher costs for damaging the environment? Why do we subtract the cost of "environmental damage" from the amount you earned for mining?

Was the profit higher for Cookie 1 or Cookie 2? Do your results tell you that miners will make more money by harmful mining Cookie 1 or careful mining Cookie 2? Should mining companies try to protect the environment, even if it costs them money?

Give 1 sentence to support your answer.

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Let's answer our research question. Do miners earn more money if they protect the environment by mining carefully, or if they harm the environment by mining quickly? Why should we care that miners might earn more money if they pollute or damage the environment?

Write 2 - 3 sentences. Deforestation occurs around a mine when plants are killed to make room for the mine.

Cookie Mining Lab by Jade McDaniel on Prezi

Answer When animals and plants in an area are killed in the area near a mine, Biodiversity decreases. Pollution at mines can affect Fish that local people eat and water that they drink. Make it Your Own You can modify this science project to demonstrate the effects of ocean bed mining activities on our oceans.

Fill a tall, clear jug with a large cup of chocolate sauce. This represents oil deposits found under the sea bed. Then, add a thick, compressed layer of oreo cookie crumbs representing the sea bed. Use a straw to "extract" the "oil".Cookie Mining Lab Introduction: You and your partner are coal miners in the Appalachian Mountains.

You each have 6 kids and must keep them warm, clothed, and fed. You live down in the holler along the river and you work just up the mountain in Coburn for Mystic Mountain Coal Mining, Inc. What changes in your mining technique would have resulted in more profit?

BONUS: Do you think that legislation during requiring the restoration of the land makes mining more expensive?

Cookie Mining Lab by Jade McDaniel on Prezi

Determine cookie size and topography 1. Trace an accurate outline of your cookie on a piece of graph paper. Determine the size (area) of the cookie by counting the graph paper squares within the outline.


Title of Lab: Cookie Coal Mining Purpose(s) of Lab: Coal forms from the remains of plants that died and were buried millions of years ago. Soils such as sand and silt build up adding pressure and heat which also contribute to the formation of coal.

Cookie mining lab

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining Concepts: coal is an energy resource that is mined from the earth. coal is a nonrenewable resource. some places have more coal than others.

some places have coal that is easier to mine than others. coal on the surface is easier to mine than coal that is underground.

Free sustainability education lesson for grades preK to 2 in science and health. Chapter 15 Material Find Link below and click on to open. Chapter 15 Assignments.

Chapter 15 Review Questions: Cookie Mining Simulation Lab I Cookie Mining Simulation Lab II Cookie Mining Simulation Lab III: Epicenter Exercise Igneous Rock Lab Metamorphic Rock Lab Metamorphic Rock Lab pdf: Plate Tectonics on Line Rock Cycle and Weathering.

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