Concordia mba essay

August 27, Admission Requirements Concordia selects students who present the most competitive applications and who we consider most likely to be successful, contributing members of the Concordia community and to graduate. To reach admission decisions, Concordia evaluates all candidates in a comprehensive way using this criteria. We encourage applicants with diverse undergraduate degrees and work experience. You will receive notification of your admission within 10 business days once Concordia has received all required application documents.

Concordia mba essay

All it takes is some planning and organization for you to make the most of your online education. Get to know your instructors: This may seem like a strange suggestion for online students like you, but connecting with your instructors is the best way to ensure that your work aligns with the expectations of your instructors.

Our instructors are available throughout the course and want to help you succeed. Time management is perhaps the most important skill for online students to have. Make a weekly schedule that works for both you and your family. This could mean setting aside a specific time each day to study, or bringing study materials with you to review when you have some free time.

This could mean keeping a calendar or planner with all important due dates, or devoting a binder to each course you take. There are also a variety of useful mobile apps designed for students.

Furthermore, create a study environment that works for you. Whether this is an at-home office, your favorite coffee shop or a library, find a disruption-free study space that allows you to concentrate. Make time for yourself: One of the best ways to keep things in perspective is to spend time doing the things you enjoy.

Wise, Honorable & Cultivated

Get a support system: Make sure your family and friends know that you are going back to school. If they know your schedule is about to change, they can step up and help out when needed.

Knowing that your family and friends are encouraging you to succeed can help you stay on track. If you are looking for more support as you complete your studies, your academic advisors and classmates are great places to start.

Concordia mba essay

Our online programs are designed to be interactive, which means that there are always options in terms of resources. Keep your goal in mind: Remember why you decided to go back to school. Whether you want to advance in your current career or begin a new one, your decision to continue your education will help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Keep your goals in mind to help yourself stay motivated. Our admissions requirements include the following: Our admissions committee will evaluate students who do not meet the requirements, meaning that you could still be eligible for provisional admission to the accelerated degree program.

For direct admission to the Master of Education program, applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2. This applies to all completed undergraduate work. If you have completed 12 hours of undergraduate coursework, the minimum GPA requirement for those credits is 3.

If your GPA does not meet these requirements, you will be asked to write an essay to be reviewed by the Graduate Education Committee.

Applicants with graduate-level coursework must submit transcripts that show their graduate-level coursework. Make the most of your continued education with a degree from Concordia.

Take the next step. Send us a few details and: Get in touch with an admissions specialist Have your questions answered Find out what you need to enroll First Name.About Concordia At Concordia University Chicago, you’ll experience learning that enriches, faith that uplifts and leadership that takes you places.

Our distinctive academic programs are designed to meet the needs of the world in which we live, serve and work. At Concordia University Texas Online, we want to help you succeed with balancing school, work and life.

Getting Started: Our Admissions Process

All it takes is some planning and organization for you to make the most of your online education. Using the MBA Essay Guidelines, applicants should submit the MBA admissions essay. Make the most of your continued education with a. Applicants to the MBA program who have lower than a GPA are also required to submit a personal essay along with the other application materials.

A one to two page summary of your professional work experience using the MBA Professional Work Experience Guidelines (PDF) (see an example (PDF)). Affordable - Our tuition is an exceptional price compared with similar MBA programs. Create your own story and become part of the dynamic history at Concordia University Chicago.

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camford academy essays. forgues research paper common app word limit essay writer, optimism essays reviews essay about king dutugemunu. The Concordia MBA Admissions Essay Guidelines The purpose of the essay is to help the Admissions Committee understand you as a whole person, not just a transcript or a professional resume.

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