Chicza organic chewing gum

They continue to thrive, covering 1. Jungles that witnessed the development of the Mayan culture are currently home to the jaguar and some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the planet. They stand facing the huge Mesoamerican coral reef, the second largest in the world.

Chicza organic chewing gum

Biodegradable chewing gum lands in Waitrose stores nationwide Mayan peasant farmers have launched an organic, biodegradable chewing gum. Alarms are not raised.

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White vans do not appear. A few dog-walkers stop to admire his skill and potter on. Macario Leyva, a peasant farmer from the Mayan rainforest, is in London demonstrating how he taps gum from the chicozapote trees of south-eastern Mexico — a natural product that could be about to revolutionise the gum-chewing habits of the British.

Except that in the rainforest he would not be wearing a yellow tow-rope round his waist, and he would be a lot higher up, adhering to the tree with spiked boots and buttock muscles like iron. The lifespan of a blob of chewed gum is anything up to five years.

Chicza organic chewing gum

The Mexican gum is made from natural chicle and could dissolve in a month, with rain, and in any case is no stickier than a blob of Blu Tack. Nor does it bond with paving stones as ordinary chewing gum does.

Britain has been chosen as the country to launch it because, he says: They like to try new things. Workers who had deserted their villages to provide cheap hotel labour are returning to the rainforest to resume their old skills, tapping the chicozapote trees sustainably once every eight years.

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The latex they extract is boiled up into chicle. The scale of the domestic problem is revolting. It takes 17 weeks to remove chewing gum from Oxford Street but only 10 days for it to be covered in gum again.

A month is better than three months, but it is still a month too long. Natural chicle is no longer present in most modern gums. It has been replaced by non-biodegradable petrol-based polymers, making it stretchy, durable, resistant to weather and chemicals — and very, very sticky.

One-third of the population chews gum, and more than a billion packs of chewing gum are sold in Britain every year. Wrigley has 88 per cent of the UK market and Cadbury 12 per cent. Environmentalists hope that Chicza, if it lives up to expectations, will be a wake-up call to both.

A deeper problem is image. There has been little effort to make it socially unacceptable to spit out gum, so it has none of the stigma of, say, dog-fouling or drink-driving, both the subject of sustained campaigns. Westminster has lobbied the Government to follow the example of Ireland and threaten chewing gum companies with a tax to force them to contribute to the mess left behind by their products — with little effect.

In Ireland, 6 million euros were set aside to change public behaviour and another million for research. A consumer test reveals that Chicza is a deeply satisfying chew, but quite hard work to get going. The Mayans chew chicle to help their digestive systems, keep a clean mouth and banish stress.Chicza Organic Rainforest Gum is exactly what it sounds like: gum that comes from the chicle tree found in the Mayan rainforest.

The chicle tree is just one of many tropical trees in the world that produces its own type of elastic rubber, which is made by boiling the sap from the tree into a thick paste. For over a century, chicle latex was an essential ingredient in chewing gum until the evolution of synthetic chicle substitutes in the s.

Now, this sustainably produced natural gum is making a comeback, as a new, biodegradable and organic chewing gum. Chicza is the only % natural, certified organic, biodegradable and sustainable chewing gum ever made.

Chicza comes from the Mayan rainforest, rediscovering ancient Mayan traditions to produce gum from the living Chicozapote monstermanfilm.comon: 80, 9 Rue Roxboro, QC, H8Y 1J5 Canada.

Chicza organic chewing gum

Chicza UK, Felixstowe, United Kingdom. likes. Chicza is Mayan Rainforest chewing gum is a % natural, biodegradable and certified organic product. Tuggummi. Tuggummi hjälper till att skydda tänderna mot syraangrepp och karies på ett enkelt sätt. Dom hjälper också till att stärka emaljen, motverka missfärgningar och dålig andedräkt.

Natural and Delicious Chewing Gum It turns out that regular chewing gum is filled with artificial substances, including plastic and artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Chicza – Chicza el verdadero chicle