Cancer and mammograms

Mercola According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed each year in the US, making it three times more common than other gynecological cancers. Breast cancer will claim the lives of 40, people this year. In fact, the only type of cancer that claims the lives of more women is lung cancer. Even more disturbing is the speed at which breast cancer rates have risen over the past 5 decades.

Cancer and mammograms

A female medical radiation technologist will place your breast on a special x-ray machine. Compression is necessary to spread the breast tissue and eliminate motion, which may blur the picture.

This may be uncomfortable and usually lasts no more than 10 seconds. Then, if needed, the technologist may take additional pictures. Why do the breasts get compressed during a mammogram?

Why Cancer and mammograms women need regular mammograms? You will be asked to undress from the waist up. Do not use deodorant, powder, creams or lotions on the day of the appointment.

Cancer and mammograms

These products may leave a residue that can make it hard to read your mammogram. Try to schedule an appointment when your breasts are least sensitive within 10 days of your last period. Some women also find it helpful to avoid caffeine several days before an exam.

Your questions Why is Body Mass Index body and weight information collected? Body Mass Index height and weight has been recognized as a risk factor for breast cancer. How does this affect your appointment?

The technologist will ask if she may measure your height and weight before your mammogram which will be documented on your confidential history form. How long will this take? Is this a required part of the screening mammogram?

We respect that agreeing to height and weight measurement is an individual decision, just as breast screening is, and it is in no way conditional to you having a screening mammogram.

Please remember that all data that the screening program collects is completely confidential. Where can you find more information about this? Do I need a thyroid guard when I have a mammogram? BC Cancer Breast Screening doesn't recommend the use of thyroid guards for screening mammograms because they can interfere with capturing a clear breast image.

As a result some breast tissue may be missed or more x-rays may need to be taken. Also, the screening mammography x-ray directs the radiation beam towards the breast tissue, so the thyroid isn't directly exposed to the radiation beam. Can I bring someone with me for support? You are welcome to bring someone for support in the waiting area and to help with the check-in process.

It is best to let your technologist know if you have any concerns. She will work with you to make the test as comfortable as possible. Screening mammograms can find most types of breast cancer early, but like all screening tests, they aren't perfect.

Some cancers can't be seen on an x-ray and some cancers can develop quickly between 2 year intervals. Learn more about the benefits and limitations of screening mammography.

What's the difference between a diagnostic mammogram and a screening mammogram? Diagnostic mammograms are ordered by a doctor to look at an area of concern in the breast; which may lead to more tests; such as an ultrasound or a biopsy.

Some studies say screening mammography is not effective. The effectiveness of screening mammography has been well established by several large clinical trials across the world.

Of eight randomized control trials for screening mammography, seven showed that screening mammography is beneficial. BC Cancer does not agree with the findings in this study, and other credible evidence does not correlate with the findings.

Tomosynthesis is a new technology available to improve investigation of breast problems. Further assessment is needed to determine the optimal use of breast tomosynthesis in breast health.Interval breast cancers include situations where a tumor was present when the mammography was performed but the cancer was missed, as well as tumors that arise during the interval between mammograms.

Mammograms are still possible if a person has had breast cancer surgery or implants. However, it may be necessary to take more images of each breast, and it might take longer to check the images.

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Finding breast cancer early reduces your risk of dying from the disease by % or more. Women should begin having mammograms yearly at age 40, or earlier if they're at high risk. Don't be afraid. Mammography is a fast procedure (about 20 minutes), and discomfort is minimal for most women.

Effective cancer-screening programs therefore both increase the incidence of cancer detected at an early stage and decrease the incidence of cancer presenting at a late stage. Breast Cancer Screening May Lead to Unnecessary Treatments and Surgeries that Can Actually SHORTEN Your Lifespan.

Another concern is that mammograms carry an unacceptably high rate of false positives—up to six percent. Free Mammograms is a user-contributed database of health care centers that offer free breast exams.

In addition to free clinics, pays directly for mammograms for qualifying candidates.

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