Analytical essay whats eating gilbert grape

These changes come about mainly because he meets a girl by the name of Becky. She helps him to see things differently and think about himself rather then always thinking about others. Although Becky changed Gilbert a lot, there were other things that effected Gilbert.

Analytical essay whats eating gilbert grape

What's Eating Gilbert Grape Description: What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a drama film about the titular character living in the fictional small town of Endora, Iowa, where he takes care of his younger brother Arnie who is mentally handicapped.

Gilbert upkeeps their home, where he lives with his two sisters and their morbidly obese mother. His mother gained a lot of weight after her husband committed suicide and she subsequently never left the house.

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The film focuses on Gilbert's routine in life and how he doesn't make time to stop and smell the roses because he is too busy with his responsibilities as man of the house. Gilbert works in his town's grocery store while his older sister stays at home and cooks and his younger sister goes to school and works at an ice cream shop.

The film begins with Arnie and Gilbert performing their yearly ritual of watching the caravan of people drive through their town with camping trailers.

One of the campers' truck breaks down and a girl named Becky and her grandmother are stuck in Endora until they can fix their truck. Gilbert befriends Becky and she teaches him a valuable lesson in that he needs to make time for himself to enjoy life while he keeps up with his responsibilities.

The most common theme throughout the film is that you will have responsibilities but sometimes you need to change your routine if you are not happy with life.

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The town of Endora mirrors Gilbert's life. It is a small town in the middle of nowhere where not a lot of exciting things happen, and according to Gilbert, there isn't much to do for fun. Gilbert is having a romantic affair with a married woman in Endora.

While the town seems innocent, the film gradually reveals that the people of Endora aren't exactly living lives completely devoid of scandal, and Gilbert begins to develop those characteristics.

In the beginning of the film Gilbert talks about FoodLand, a large chain grocery store that is stealing business from the small mom and pop store that Gilbert works at. A chain fast food restaurant also makes its way into Endora. These changes in the town reflect Gilbert's own development where he tries to move forward with his life, which is frowned upon by his family.

Analytical essay whats eating gilbert grape

Another theme that comes up frequently in this movie is going behind someone's back to get ahead. Gilbert secretly makes renovations to their home because it cannot support his mother's excessive weight because he does not want to embarrass her.

There is another instance in which Gilbert goes to FoodLand to buy a cake, where his boss catches him betraying his store. In the beginning of the film Gilbert mentions his older brother who moved away. He is never mentioned again.

Some might overlook that, but Gilbert feels that if he leaves his family then he will be brushed off and forgotten too. The common themes in this movie essentially illustrate that the film has deeper meaning than what people see on the surface and you can take valuable lessons from it.

This film has characters that are lovable, but also have humanizing characteristics that remind you that they are not in a fairy tale.

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Many Hollywood films have huge plot twists or highly suspenseful parts, but this movie does not follow that formula which is part of what makes it so unique. The events in this movie as well as the characters are very real, making the lessons you can take from the film very real.

This film was not financially successful, it cost approximately 11 million dollars to make and it only grossed just under 11 million dollars at the box office. They show everyday life, carefully observed, and as we grow to know the people in the film, maybe we find out something about ourselves.

In spite of this, this movie is still a classic because it is about a dysfunctional American family trying to get by, and it has a star-studded cast of actors in their early careers.

This was one of Johnny Depp's earliest films, before he was even a household name. This was also only Leonardo DiCaprio's fourth film role, and he even received an academy award nomination for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Arnie at age This film even stars John C.

Reilly, best known today for his role in Step Brothers. This film was released the year I was born, so many of my peers may have not seen this movie because of their age, but those who have seen it will testify that it is a great film that should be seen by everyone.

Part of what makes this movie so enjoyable is the characters. You fall in love with the Grape family because they are dysfunctional, but that is what makes them so relatable. You can admire Gilbert because he works hard, but you can also be mad at him for being selfish at times.

Richard Corliss of TIME Magazine says that "the true heroes are those people who day by day must tend to misfits, and do so with love, tenacity and a determination not to go terminally sour in the process.

Everyone likes to know the secrets of the game, and this scene certainly satisfies. Joe Mantagena shows a famous psychiatrist (played, tellingly, by David Mamet's future ex-wife) how a short con is done, how it's improvised, and he makes it look so easy. Film Review Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. Whats Eating Gilbert Grape is set in a small quiet town called Endora. Endora is described as the same as dancing to no music would be, it is a story of despair that is marked by the morals of all its characters It is a story recounting the unhappy li. Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home. A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local news service and essential information on living, working, and moving to your country of choice. With in-depth features, Expatica brings the international community closer together.

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It educates the viewer about accepting people for who they are even if they look like a "beached whale". Symbols play a major role in unveiling the aspects of life.

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