An argument against the forced population control in the united states

Some people have suggested that forced population control is an efficient means of reducing the Tragedy of the Commons associated with our clean air and water resources. Provide an argument that would support this theory, and also an argument that would oppose this theory.

An argument against the forced population control in the united states

Pro in my arguments I am not gating my information off of any one source books, tv, etc. If we control growth, we can have a more stable life and more peaceful since we can have the time to design an area for living space, instead of this random clutter.

Also, I would like the following questions answered. I have seen many people have more kids then just two every extra child after two kids is population growth.

Therefore, there is no point in population control. Now to my second point, if you look around the world today, there is plenty of land for people to flourish, the only thing that is segregating peoples, is race and patriotism.

Yes, I added that in there because John Steinbeck from his earlier book stated that same thing. We have 1 empty continent, Russia, despite its somewhat large population, is practically empty, Greenland has a population less of that of England.

When we develop more technology, we will be able to live anywhere in the world.

An argument against the forced population control in the united states

Now for the food shortage, in recent times, the Aeronautics and Space Administration have been reseaching how to farm, on the sea. Companies in India have been farming for more than 50 years and have not experienced a food shortage since WWII.

More than 50 years ago. I am sorry con. Intrinsic is the role of petroleum, which is going to "be history" early this century. I do know the first paragraph off this web page to be true.

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Just because we as a people know a lot, there is balance to everything, until humanity has the means to support more human life people should not make more. But we can alway rebuild after that I urge con is wrong.Population control programs, moreover, are not winning the United States friends overseas.

More and more, poverty reduction is becoming identified with elimination of the poor, and complaints about the “new imperialism” are being leveled against the foreign aid paradigm that incorporates population reduction as its key component.

Most of the forced sterilizations and laws in the United States occurred in the 's and 's (Piotrowski, ).

An argument against the forced population control in the united states

Virginia continued through the 's though. For the most part, this is in the past in the United States. A more convincing argument against the effects of population control may lie in the pocket of the American tax payer.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (AID), the State Department, and the World Bank pumps some million tax dollars a year into population control campaigns, according to the National Review.

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This is an argument about Population Control. The debate will center upon the issue of whether or not population sizes should be lowered with respective sides, Pro and Con for limiting sizes and against . Sep 17,  · In fact, when I founded the Population Connection, the main lobby for population limitation in the United States, I made it very clear that we only dealt with population in the United States.

Start studying Unit 4: US History H. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Roosevelt was successful in bringing parts of Latin America under control of the United States, including Cuba and the Panama Canal.

This term refers to the monetary payments and property that Germany was forced to cede.

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