An analysis of the infection and spread of the global epidemic of hivaids

The number of new infections was even higher 2. Sexual HIV transmission accounts for the overwhelming majority of the newly infected. Given such an important topic for policymakers, the natural question is:

An analysis of the infection and spread of the global epidemic of hivaids

The new draft guidelines mirror an updated policy on circumcision released by the American Academy of Pediatrics in For further information regarding the CDC Statementsee e.

Medical studies have shown that circumcision greatly reduces the risk of urinary tract infections UTIespecially in the first year of life. These infections can cause serious problems, especially in infants.

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For example, UTI can cause scarring of the kidney and ultimately hypertension or kidney failure. To make matters worse, studies have shown that UTI are becoming more resistant to antibiotics, thereby making treatment both much harder and less effective.

Cancer of the penis is virtually non-existent in circumcised men. The risk of penile cancer in uncircumcised men is 1 case per men, while in circumcised men it is 1 case per to 8 million men.

Circumcision also helps to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in female partners. Prostate cancer may also be increased for uncircumcised men. The medical evidence is now overwhelming. The main question has been how circumcision can best be introduced as a public health policy.

As a result many sub-Saharan countries have undertaken measures to dramatically increase circumcision.

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These measures have been ongoing for the past few years and have shown many positive effects already. These ongoing efforts to spread circumcision in developing nations in order to curb the spread of HIV are a triumph of common sense, global health initiatives, science, and basic humanity.

For further information on VMMC see here. Circumcision also eliminates problems like phimosis non-retractable foreskin and balanitis inflammation of the foreskin.

In older males, phimosis can cause urine blockage leading to kidney damage.

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Other painful problems that might occur include paraphimosis where the retracted foreskin cannot be brought back again over the glans and posthitis inflammation of the foreskin. Uncircumcised men are often unaware that these problems are all related to the presence of a foreskin, and that the discomfort and pain that they are experiencing are easily treatable.

Often the only permanent treatment is circumcision. A summary of a risk-benefit analysis of circumcision can be found in the flyer circ-risk-benefits Intactivists react to this overwhelming body of medical evidence the only way pseudoscientists can — with a seemingly endless parade of misleading, half-true, or even downright bogus arguments.

The rest are dealt with below. A common refrain by circumcision opponents, when confronted with the, now overwhelming, evidence that circumcision protects against a variety of sexually transmitted infections STIsand HIV in particular, is that men can simply use condoms.

No need to be circumcised! Besides, circumcision has only a partially protective effect, so circumcised men still need to use condoms anyway. So, what is the point of getting circumcised? Such reasoning ignores human nature.

An analysis of the infection and spread of the global epidemic of hivaids

The problem with behavioural approaches is that they depend on a lifetime of diligent compliance. In reality, no matter how vigorously condoms are promoted, one will never get all men to use them, or use them consistently every time they have sex, or use them properly every time they do.

Condoms have been heavily promoted as part of the anti-HIV drive in developed and developing countries alike.Analysis: HIV/AIDS is surging in Ethiopia, again.

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addisstandard / October 6, / k. told Addis Standard that during the 90s and s the number of HIV infected people was so high that among all the patients admitted to hospitals 1/3 to half tested positive for the virus.

HIV/AIDS is surging in Ethiopia, again. Role of drug treatment and rehabilitation on HIV/AIDS prevention and care References: Anita Palepu, Anita Raj, Nicholas J. Horton, et al. (). Researchers who claim AIDS is a man-made disease believe it is much more likely that these two primate viruses were introduced and spread during the government’s recruitment of thousands of male homosexuals beginning in Global burden of HIV/AIDS in the year Joshua Salomon i 1.

Introduction For generalized epidemics, in which infection is spread primarily through heterosexual contact, a simple epidemiologic model was used to estimate epidemic curves based on General methods for uncertainty analysis of estimates for the Global Burden of .

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Although progress has been made in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, the epidemic continues in the United States and the international community.

Globally, AIDS-related deaths have dropped by 45 percent since their peak in While an array of techniques are available for preventing HIV infection, the development of a safe and .

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