An analysis of the hierarchy of the angels of heaven and the fallen angels of hell

The flood wiped out the giants but shortly after the flood they returned and spread all throughout the Promised Land.

An analysis of the hierarchy of the angels of heaven and the fallen angels of hell

Some scholars distinguished between the angels, charged with carrying the laws of nature dwelling on earth as being abstract, and the angels in heaven prostrating before God and spiritual creatures of the supreme world, such as the archangels, as personified.

Although the Quran does not mention the time when angels were created, they are generally considered as the first creation of God. They are created from a luminous substance with no bodily desires, never get tired, do not eat or drink and have no anger.

In contrast to humans, who are substances endowed with life and reason but are mortal, who is, in turn, distinguished by unreasonable but also mortal animals.

However, a dispute arises whether there are angels created from other substances or not. According to Tabaribesides the angels of light, there can be angels created from any other substances. According to Ibn AbbasIblis was an angel created from fire, differing from the other angels. Later Islamic scholars evaluated, in the view of the prevailing Jewish opinion at the time, that God revealed angels were created from fire, whether angels were created from fire or not and how they are distinguished from those created from light is disputed.

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The angels of mercy created from light in contrast to the angels of Punishment from the fire. Accordingly, the angels are created from the light of a fire, the jinn from the tongue of fire and the Demons from its smoke. Angels here are used as expressions of natural laws.

Qazwini believed that the existence of these angels could be proven by reason and the things these angels affect. The majority of Islamic scholars prefer the opinion that angels are sinless. However, these verses cannot prove the impeccability for all angels at any time and in any situation.

He not only advocated the impeccability of angels by quoting certain Quranic verses but also reinterpreted verses, which speak against the impeccability of angels. Hasa of Basra also advocated that angels are better than both humans and prophets because of their purity, a position that was opposed by Sunnis and Shias.

Because it is harder for humans to worship God since they are hassled with bodily temptations, in contrast to angels, the angels rank lower than humans.

Other scholars argue that the messengers of archangels rank higher than the messengers of humans, but the messengers of humans rank higher than ordinary angels and the ordinary humans again lower than the ordinary angels.

However, as personified angels, they may indeed sin.

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Their obedience and worship consist of their awareness of God, rather than lack of free will. Angels are not equal in status and consequently, they are delegated different tasks to perform. Note that the affiliation of some of the following creatures is disputed and denoted by an asterisk.

These creatures may be regarded as jinn, saints or kings, instead of angels. However, these are often related to angels and are consequently listed here. Gabriel[34] the angel of revelation.

Michael[36] the archangel of mercy, is often depicted as providing nourishment for bodies and souls while also being responsible for bringing rain and thunder to Earth.

According to legend, he was so shocked at the sight of hell when it was created that he never laughed again. Israfil or Israafiyl Judeo-Christian: Raphaelis the archangel of music [39] often depicted with a trumpet, he will blow in the end time. Therefore, Israfil is responsible for signaling the coming of Qiyamah Judgment Day by blowing a horn.

Azraelis the archangel of death also known as Malak al-maut. He and his subordinative angels are responsible for parting the soul from the body of the dead and will carry the believers to heaven Illiyin and the unbelievers to hell Sijjin.

Kiraman Katibin Honourable Recorders[42] two of whom are charged to every human being; one writes down good deeds and another one writes down evil deeds. Jundullah, those who helped Muhammad in the battlefield.

Those who draw out the souls of the blessed.

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Those that give the spirit to the foetus in the womb and are charged with four commands: Their number is known only to God. Maalikchief of the angels who govern Jahannam Hell. Nineteen angels of hell, who are commonly identified with Zabaniahtorment sinful people in hell.

Unlike the jinn and demons, angels always take on beautiful forms, [54] except the angels of death, if they approach sinners.The Nephilim in the Bible were the offspring of fallen angels and human women. A biblical examination of the Nephilim and their connection to the alien/UFO phenomenon.

Angels were created by God with grace instead of a soul, as faithful servants without free will (supposedly).

An analysis of the hierarchy of the angels of heaven and the fallen angels of hell

The Holy Host was organized in a military-like hierarchy. Most angels continued to obey orders from their superiors without question even though only a few angels had ever seen God, and God Himself seemed to have been absent from Heaven for a long time. Read the following: Dictionary of Angels By Gustav Davidson Free Press, – Religion – pages 27 Reviews Gustav Davidson’s classic text, A dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels, is the result of sixteen years of research in Talmudic, gnostic, .

Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist, philosopher and theologian, gave us profound insights into angels and angelology. Born in January , he devoted most of his early life to the realm of science, but in , when he turned 53, something happened that changed the direction of his life and profoundly influenced his thinking.

Jul 30,  · The angelic hierarchy is greatly confused. There are species, races, and ranks, as well as functions for the angels. Many have mixed them up, got them in the wrong order, and misunderstood in the difference between the species with the ranks.

It is a mess. I am here to clarify a lot of these misconceptions.. This spatial hierarchy leads to a social hierarchy of angels, humans, animals, and devils: the Son is closest to God, with the archangels and cherubs behind him.

Sympathy for the Devil: An Analysis of Satan in Paradise Lost | Owlcation There are species, races, and ranks, as well as functions for the angels.

Adam and Eve and Earth’s animals come next, with Satan and the other fallen angels following last.

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