A review of a season in purgatory a book by dominick dunne

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A review of a season in purgatory a book by dominick dunne

What this book is about is how in the course of covering the O. Simpson trial, Dunne is finally redeemed. The measure of his redemption is the names he drops. The moneyed, the powerful, the famous, even the titled all want Dunne to dinner. And it feels good.

Simpson is providing me with," he has his alter-ego character, Gus Bailey, say at one point. Oh, but the reader does. We are given a relentless recitation of Dunne's dinners, and the point being repeatedly made is how much Nancy Reagan, Ray Stark, Elizabeth Taylor - the list goes on and on - all want to hear what Dunne has to say about the trial.

Simpson trial, and she's not really up on it. I wonder if I could pull you aside to fill her in on the broad strokes of the case.


But Gus Bailey is Dominick Dunne down to his hatred for the defense lawyer Leslie Abramson, his feud with his brother and sister-in-law, John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion given fictional names and Dunne's own need to settle scores, which he does in this book without restraint.

Something distasteful is happening on these pages. Dunne has been a well-known journalist from his start. His first assignment for Vanity Fair was covering the trial of the man who murdered his daughter.

His rage at the pittance of a sentence given the killer has driven his work since. In his magazine pieces and best-selling fiction "People Like Us," "A Season in Purgatory"the stories he tells are of the rich and powerful who kill and get away with it.

His work for Vanity Fair has always been particularly informed by his society connections. There had been a time in an earlier career when he was thought to be an unserious person by people who mattered, because of his relentless pursuit of a social life.

The synthesis of this novel, then, seems to be his finally being seen as someone who matters by the people who mattered to him then. And all this comes to him because of who he is now - an important journalist shrilling Simpson's guilt from the pages of Vanity Fair.

First in his coverage of the Menendez brothers trial, and then unquestionably with the Simpson trial, Dunne abandoned journalistic balance, crusading in both cases for a conviction. He raised some eyebrows, drew some criticism but also gained a larger readership who felt as he did.

It's unfortunate that all these strains came together in "a novel in the form of a memoir," a book so much about Dunne that he fails to do what he can do so well - report on the circles, privileged and otherwise, he has access to.

We can only hope in his next book he tells another story, not his own. You be the reviewer: Reviews will appear on The Denver Post Online.

A review of a season in purgatory a book by dominick dunne

The reader was left hanging time after time, most notablywith respect to the phone call from Nicole Brown's condo the night of thekilling. Dunne simply dangled the carrot and never followed through.

Theending was likewise disappointing. The entire Cunanan tie-in was bizarreand pointles. Dunne could have tied up the ending much better than he didhere.Dominick Dunne, author of The Two Mrs.

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Jul 20,  · A Season In Purgatory - The worst good book review ever On my summer holiday staying at an old house in the remote countryside I'm perusing the bookshelves when my eyes fall upon A Season In Purgatory by an American writer called Dominick monstermanfilm.com: UNCUNT.

Season/Purgatory Hardcover. $ Money, Murder, and Dominick Dunne: A Life in Several Acts Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Product description.

Dominick Dunne's essays do much more than simply describe; his investigations have shed new light on those crimes and their perpetrators and demonstrated how it is Author: Dominick Dunne. this review to a friend: Jr., (apropos of the feud sparked when he fictionalized the Martha Moxley murder in A Season in Purgatory), "He's a man for whom I have no respect." Dominick Dunne: After the Party is easily recommended.

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A review of a season in purgatory a book by dominick dunne

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